They tried to stop her, but they failed miserably. They overlooked her, tried to discourage her, and sabotage her, but she persevered through it all with her head held high. They talked behind her back and plotted against her, but they did not realize that they were messing with an unstoppable, resilient Black Queen. She is ambitious, intelligent, self-confident, and bold. She is a Phenomenal Black Queen that did not have to compromise her integrity to get ahead. She is genuinely happy, successful, and free to be herself. She can, she does, and she wins!

Black women went through a lot. Right? Between slavery, the trade, rapes, discrimination, rejection, complexes and so on… It is sad. What is sadder? These bad things are sometimes done by women of color themselves. I do not want to say that only women of color suffer. It is not true. However, I want to talk about them right now.

With this seventh episode of « Show Your Africanity », I will just be repeating what everybody must have understood by now:


Les femmes noires sont BELLES.

Black Women are BEAUTIFUL.


Etre NOIR, ce n’est pas MAUVAIS.

Being BLACK is not a BAD THING.


Le TEINT D’UNE FEMME ne devrait pas déterminer QUI ELLE DEVRAIT ETRE.

A WOMAN’S SKIN COLOR should not determinate WHO SHE could be.

Some of my Black sistas don’t know any better, so I’d like to give them some enlightening food-for-thought. Many of them are in awe when it comes to Michelle Obama. They admire and celebrate her intelligence and beauty. For many Black women, she’s a positive and powerful role model. Our former First Lady is phenomenal to say the least! She’s a lawyer, writer, and she fearlessly wears many other hats with integrity and grace. But, here’s what I’d like to point out: If you can admire and celebrate her, why can’t you do the same for YOUR family and friends? Why is it that when people that you personally know obtain degrees, start a successful business, buy a home, are financially secure, happily married, etc… Here you go hatin’ on them. Why can’t you genuinely be happy for them and share in their greatness? I encourage you to celebrate the Black women around you, too!

Being black was not a good thing years ago. Despite of it, women of color are very happy and proud of their skin nowadays. They accept themselves. They are happy with themselves. Moreover, there is a lot more positive representation of black females all around the world. They are black, beautiful, fearless, powerful, and strong.

 “Don’t be so hard on yourself. Be perfectly okay with being who YOU are. Fully embrace yourself, flaws and all. Love yourself right where you are. Strive to do better, but do not beat yourself up for every shortcoming that you may have. Be brave in your journey! Hold your head up high, and keep moving forward.

Women of color should support each other more.

All the quotes of the article are from Stephanie Lahart. I found it very relatable so, I did not hesitate to add them in.

I am Stephanie Lahart! An intelligent, empowered, and confident Black Queen. Purposely Fearless!

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